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  • About desire, victimhood and René Girard

    About desire, victimhood and René Girard

    James Alison talks about desire, victimhood and René Girard to the Encounter programme of the Australian RN radiostation, 12 December 2012 (stream and download)

  • Playing for Keeps

    Playing for Keeps

    James joined the Playing for Keeps radio show to explore how The Hunger Games and chapter 7 of the Old Testament book of Joshua have something very important in common: a lottery in which the winners get to die for the sake of the community. A transcript of the podcast recorded by the Raven Foundation. Adam Ericksen: Hello and welcome to…

  • Theology as survival

    Theology as survival

    ho is James Alison? What aspects of your life do you consider most central to your identity? What should people who are curious about you know?