Priceless Podcast Interview

A two-part interview for the Priceless Podcast. Also on Apple Podcasts and on YouTube

The ecclesiastical mechanism is run by the closet (being an out gay priest)

Being an openly gay priest wasn’t always a challenge like it became in the 1980s. The Church had changed as did the attitude towards the whole topic of LGBT people. But James didn’t back out. James talks about his journey to becoming a priest and what is happening within the church.  This episode gives some insights into what happened, what is happening,  an interesting story of an encounter with Pope Francis…

The Church is not conservative but dishonest and frightened

It is time for the second part of the interview with James Alison. It starts with talking about pope Francis and the impression that he stands up for LGBT people and then it just seems like he changed his mind. There is a lot of work to do, but change won’t come from the top but from the people, the believers.