Knowing Jesus

From the foreword by Rowan Williams: James Alison’s work is a model of clarity in exposition – relaxed, conversational, but holding us firmly to the demands of its subject matter. It is a model of how to deploy some very traditional Christian resources with a thoroughly contemporary intellectual toughness, so as to liberate us from the clishes of so much modern theological squabbling. It is the most imaginative and lucid presentation of a theology of redemption that I have read in many years. But above all, it insists that true theology, truthful reflection on what God is and does, can’t be done without a conversion to a new perspective on yourself and the world. God is not to be known unless we grasp the depth of our freedom and our unfreedom, unless we give up fictions about our purity or our innocence and become committed to searching out those we exclude and suppress, creating with them the promised community of mutual gift. This is the community that depends on the resurrection of Jesus; to belong wholeheartedly to it is to know Jesus – and the God whom Jesus called ‘Father’.

An excerpt on justification by faith

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London: SPCK, 1993, 1998 & 2012 (ISBN 0281046417, 0281052220 & 9780281065035); Springfield Il.: Templegate, 1994 (ISBN 0872432025).

Also published in Spanish, Dutch, French and Russian